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Journey of Thema Training & Recruitment

Thema Education is an institute dedicated to training aspirants and employees of every industry. We guide fresh graduates in acquiring the right skills for their dream fields, finding them their rightful head start in the industry and extend our services to the organisations by polishing their employees’ existing skills.

Being in the Recruitment industry for years, Mr. Ankit Mehta; founder of Thema Education, always sensed a gap between the demands of the hiring organisations and the skills acquired by fresh graduates. The conceptualisation of Thema was a result to materialise Mr. Mehta’s efforts to bridge this gap. So when 2014 came around, these visions found a tangible form and Thema Corporate Services was born.

After the first year itself, we managed to successfully launch our executive-level placement programs, where the aspirant found a hand-stitched match for their skills. The goal was to find our place in society and advance our services to boost the potential of young executive candidates. Consequently, the constant hard work and diligence paid well and within a year we managed to find placements for over 100 candidates in growing brands.

Our streamlined understanding of ‘what corporates really need?’ set us apart and way ahead of any other institute. This was the leading cause of why we chose to professionally train aspiring candidates for their dream industry in 2017. We strive to develop a course that finds the perfect balance between practicality and theory for our students. We also understand how practicals are not synonymous to practice, hence, we encourage our students for a dedicated period of the course, to polish their knowledge hands-on.

Thema Education was officially launched in 2019 embarking the beginning of yet another off-shoot of excelsior training and since then, we’ve never stepped back.


Our Mission

“Interactively create scalable methods of employment and skill enhancement to meet the needs of aspiring candidates and growing organizations.”

For decades the booming young population of this nation has faced dead-ends when it came to choosing a career opportunity. The limited resources for communication and even more limited degrees of education was partly to blame. But now as the economy opens up and the digital age sets feet at our doorstep, it’s time for a change. Aspirants no longer need to roam around, spending the most crucial years of their life just learning what the market has to offer and then building their skills upon it. Opportunities are no longer defined by financial resources but rather are shaped by an individual attitude to grow. If you have an aspiration, all you need is a one-stop solution to show you all the horizons you can scale. Thema Education is meticulously structured to do exactly that.

So, step up and let us show you what your future can be!

Our Vision

“To create a world where skill is only defining factor for paving paths of a successful career. We provide aspirants with a conducive atmosphere where they can feel free to learn, grow, take risks and innovate their approaches towards their professional success.”

At Thema, failure is not an antonym to success, it’s a milestone to mark your progress towards it. From basic courses like Tally to advanced enterprise resourcing software like SAP, we aim to provide guidance to students in every professional vertical possible. Every student who makes mistakes under the guidance of our highly qualified and experienced mentors is applauded for choosing to pursue a direction over being idle. We bring practicality of industry, combine it we theories of innovation and suit our students up to tackle the next big league. Brands who seek an abode to foster excellence and enhance the current skills of their employees also find a home with Thema. However, this is just the beginning, Thema is not just serviceable to develop your skill, its purpose is to take you beyond who you thought you could be.

From The Director's Desk

Thema Corporate Services LLP was initiated as a Premier Training & Recruitment agency to provide valuable services to job seekers and companies. The candidates are on the lookout for cost effective ways to get placed in leading organizations with attractive salaries.Companies are looking for knowledgeable and ambitious applicants. We believe that a company’s greatest asset is its manpower and as such, we provide a platform where a candidate can meet a potential employer and also where an employer can give his employee to upgrade his skills through training.

At Thema Corporate Services LLP, our main objective is to assist job aspirants in finding a job that matches with their expertise and requirements. To increase the opportunities of employment, we also organize training programs for candidates where they can better their existing skills while picking up new ones.


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