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We offer human resource and recruiting services to various clients. Our firm has an excellent placement record which helps candidates to choose better jobs with high salaries. We provide temporary, permanent and contract placement services to employers after studying their requirements.

Permanent Staffing

In a permanent placement, we match an applicant to the client company for a long-term and salaried position that doesn’t have a specific end date. A permanent employee will get more benefits such as insurance, bonus, health care, and paid vacations from an employer to achieve goals in life.

The process of finding suitable candidates for various positions in an organization is a time consuming process. We follow a procedure to shorten the time taken to find the perfect candidate.

The selection procedure involves screening, reference checks, and background check among other things. We follow a single window of approach to deliver the entire gamut of services. Our firm will work closely with candidates who want to get permanent jobs in leading organizations to gain more advantages.

Temporary / Contract Staffing

A contract placement is suitable for companies that have a shortage of man power apart from regular employees. Companies can hire employees on project or contractual basis which proves to be cost effective. We provide guidelines for organizations that want to appoint contract employees. Candidates are selected based on their experience and skills to finish the project work in the stipulated, limited time frame.

We build long term relationships with our employees, offering them multiple opportunities through redeployment, training and career progression. We assist employers to find suitable candidates who perfectly suit for contract jobs. Companies of all sizes can find the talent they require.

Board Search

Efficient leadership is crucial to drive a business to great achievement and heights. Understanding business needs for capable leadership, Thema Services has been delivering Board staffing solutions to its clients. We specialize in functional specifications essential for senior board management such a CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.

Our consultancy team understands the leadership qualities required to head organizations. We build client organizations to help them achieve accelerated business results, and achieve sustainable change. Timely and effective solutions in case of sudden and unexpected vacancies is our area of expertise.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) refers to the outsourcing of all or part of recruitment to a third-party recruitment specialist. Our RPO solutions encompass the end- to-end recruitment process from forecasting, sourcing and resume management to assessing, interview scheduling, placing, on-boarding and reporting. Thema RPO solutions dramatically reduce a company’s recruitment cost. The quality of hires is improved and there is a satisfactory return on investment. Continual research enables us to shortlist only highly-qualified individuals thereby leading to increased organizational productivity.

Clients from a niche sector requiring rare skill sets can meet additional candidates via our previously unused sourcing channels. The teams deployed on any project shortlist and hire candidates keeping in mind the culture and structure of an organization.

Contract to Hire

A Contract-to- Hire agreement outlines a specific period of time during which the contractor while work for the employer. At the end of that period, the contractor will either be hired as a permanent employee or dismissed depending on the contractor’s performance. Contract- to-Hire allows client to manage expenses, employ extra resources where the resources are needed the most and use permanent staff more efficiently.

We allow clients to hire employee on contract-to- hire role with flexible payment terms. After a specific period of time, client can hire contract employee into their permanent payroll. There is a benefit of trying before buying for both the employer and employee.

Head Hunting

Head hunting is a type of recruitment and selection where the recruiter finds the contact details of a candidate with specific skill sets. Here the recruiter contacts the candidate and convinces him/her to participate in the recruitment process. The steps involve attracting, screening, selecting, and hiring a qualified person for a job. After a thorough analysis of the job role, a person specification is developed and candidates are sourced through networking and advertising. Shortlisted candidates’ skills and personalities are assessed.

As Head Hunting consultants, we find candidates with suitable and niche skill sets that employers demand for.

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